There was a time when in-vitro fertilization (IVF) was viewed as the last stop but today the thinking about fertility treatment has changed. Today more and more couples are seeking advice from IVF experts. You should also go to an IVF expert in Delhi for advice.

Advantages of IVF

  1. Control over timing:

    With IVF, there is little need to wait for a baby to complete your family. You could be focused in your career or worried about crossing the fertility age. In any situation, you can choose the right timing to become a parent. You can use the IVF treatment like a tool to choose the right time for parenting.

  2. Healthy baby:

    With genetic screening, you can free your baby from genetic conditions like cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia. The process is called preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) and it allows keeping the fetus free from the known genetic markers so that the baby remains healthy. Approach the best IVF specialist in Delhi that has rich experience in carrying out genetic screening.

  3. Reduce your chances is miscarriage:

    Genetic abnormality is the prime cause of miscarriage but the chances for miscarriage can be reduced to negligible limit with IVF and PGT screening. With genetic screening of the fetus, you can make sure that your pregnancy lasts its full term and the baby born is healthy.

  4. IVF provides more options:

    Ask an IVF specialist in Delhi about the options available and you will be surprised to know that it isn’t limited to women expecting pregnancy but to their surrogates or gestational carriers as well. Also, the same-sex couples can become parents with the help of infertility treatment.

  5. Use of donated egg/sperm:

    It is only IVF that allows use of donated egg or sperm to achieve pregnancy. The donated eggs and sperm can be fused in clinic and the resulting embryos used for IVF treatment. It increases chances of success to manifold.

  6. IVF works where others fail:

    It hardly matters whether you have tried many fertility treatments as you can still approach an infertility specialist in Delhi for help. And it is only IVF that works where other treatments fail. The success rate in IVF is quite high in comparison to others.

If you are waiting to achieve pregnancy then put a full-stop before your wait by getting IVF treatment. Ask an IVF specialist doctor in Delhi to help so that you become a parent of a healthy baby.