Donor Egg IVF

Donor Egg IVF

The desire to sexually reproduce and have babies can spring up at any time in a woman’s life. However, the desire has to be matched by proper resources and actions including healthy couples with sexual appetite, sperm with good morphological factors and motility, and of course, fresh eggs. Due to various reasons, People experience infertility problems because of which they fail to get pregnant through natural sexual intercourse. In such a scenario, the state of art IVF technologies are very useful in improving your chances of having a baby.

Donor Egg IVF

Donor Egg IVF is an Assisted reproductive technique involving an egg donor. In this advanced technology, the following sequences of steps or actions are performed:

  • The female donor is initially subjected to ovarian stimulation.
  • Hormone therapy and ultrasound techniques are used to monitor, stimulate, and regulate the egg formation.
  • The eggs are removed from the donor .
  • The male partner’s sperm is collected, washed, and prepared for insertion into the selected mature eggs.
  • The healthy sperm is injected into the donor’s eggs to ensure fertilization.
  • The fertilized zygote is cultured in a laboratory.
  • 2-3 embryos transferred into recipient womb.

Donor Egg IVF Suitability

  • Find out which people can get benefitted from donor egg IVF treatment:

    • Women who cannot conceive with their own eggs or with poor quality eggs.
    • Women who are above 38 to 40 years in age.
    • Younger women with inexplicable infertility problems.
    • Premature ovarian failure cases.

    Note :  For the detailed profile and selection of the donor consult your Doctor.