Donor Sperm IVF

Donor Sperm Insemination

Male infertility and impotency is a very challenging medical problem, and many assisted reproductive solutions have come up in recent years.

Donor Sperm IVF is one of the popular and advanced IVF treatment that is suggested by fertility in cases of Azoospermia , poor quality sperms genetically transmitted diseases in males, undescended testis, atrophic testis or premature testicular failures.

In the donor sperm IVF treatment, the sperm from the donor is carefully analysed and examined using the latest medical techniques.

Donors are medically and genetically evaluated for any illness and disease,

Tested for viral markers like HIV, VDRL. Hep B Ag , Hep C , semen sample preserved .

Donor tested for these tests after 6 months again and once negative then only preserved sample is used.

Donor Sperm IVF Applications

The fertility specialists advise and guide the following people during donor sperm IVF consultation and treatment:

  • Single or Divorced women who desire to have a child.
  • Azoospermia ,
  • Poor quality sperms.
  • Genetically transmitted diseases in males,
  • undescended testis,
  • atrophic testis ,
  • Premature testicular failures.
  • HIV positive male partner.

Donor Sperm IVF Sources

The donor sperm IVF treatment depends primarily on healthy sperm from a male donor. The following approaches can be tried for securing the right sperm donor:

Fertility Clinics:

Fertility clinics are the best bet for securing the healthiest and dependable semen donors.

The clinics follow strict guidelines related to collecting, freezing, and storing the sperm. They also follow all the legal obligations, confidentiality and anonymity.

Familiar Donor:

Donors should be anonymous, as per ICMR Guidelines known donors are not allowed.

Donor Sperm IVF Safety Guidelines

  • Licensed clinics and recognized sperm banks offer trustworthy donor sperm.
  • Donor sperm has to be healthy and free from infectious diseases.
  • Ensure that the sperm meets all the required criteria in terms of motility and morphology factors.
  • The sperm donor should not have HIV, AIDS, or STDs .
  • Make sure that the donor is healthy without a history of genetic disorders.
  • Sign all the consent and legal forms only after careful consideration.


Legal Rights of Donor Sperm IVF Treatments

If the donor sperm IVF treatment is successful, then the following legal rights are applicable to the child, donor, and guardians:

  • The sperm donor has no legal obligation and cannot be called the child’s parent or guardian.
  • The donor has no rights over the child and he cannot be named in the birth certificate or any other documents.
  • The couple or single parent has complete legal rights over the child.

Note:  Both partners need to sign the consent  form  for Donor sperm Insemination