Today more and more couples are opting for infertility counseling in Delhi and you will be surprised to know that most of these couples are healthy and capable of conceiving naturally. But they choose IVF for the following reasons. 1. Family planning

IVF is the power to you. It will provide the confidence needed to plan a family. You can plan a baby according to your needs. For example, you can have a baby when you are mentally and physically fit to welcome a new member of your family. With IVF, you get the power to decide when to have a baby.

2. Ensure the health of your baby

With IVF, you can monitor the growth of the embryo into a healthy baby throughout the different stages of your pregnancy. Your IVF doctor will keep monitoring the growth with ultrasound and other tests. And you will be surprised to know that you can even go for genetic testing to remove genetic disorders.

3. Boost your chances of pregnancy

With IVF, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant. There will be no delay or waiting to get good news after starting the treatment. It will increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy. In other words, there will be no miscarriage or any other problem that could risk your pregnancy.

4. Unexplained infertility

Some couples look healthy but there could be underlying reasons for failures of pregnancy. And it is only an IVF expert in Delhi that can help in this situation. There is little need to look for reasons for unexplained infertility when you have the option to go for IVF and become a mother of a healthy baby.

5. Older parents with low ovarian reserve

Older couples often have a low ovarian reserve that could be a reason for infertility. But IVF has the answer to this problem. Couples of any age can become parents with the help of IVF. They don’t need to worry about their age to have babies. If you are older enough to conceive naturally then you should go for IVF.

Advanced help Depending on your age and medical condition, your doctor could suggest assisted hatching treatment in Delhi. It is an advanced treatment that will increase your chances of becoming pregnant. And it is suitable for older couples and women with a history of IVF failure. In short, your doctor will make sure that you have the full benefits of IVF treatment.