Infertility isn’t a problem but a physical condition where a couple is unable to conceive naturally and there are many reasons for this condition. But the good thing is that it can be treated with ICSI infertility treatment in Delhi.


Before we move ahead, let’s understand what is ICSI


It is Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and it is given to women that can’t conceive naturally. The injection contains a single healthy sperm that fuses with the targeted egg. It increases fertility chances to manifold.


The first question that would popup in your mind about ICSI is its reliability. And the answer is it is reliable. It is helpful with male infertility. But it is only your doctor that can determine the right treatment.


ICSI treatment is recommended in the following conditions


Failure in IVF cycles: Sometimes fertilized eggs don’t respond even to healthy sperms. But it isn’t the end to your infertility treatment in Delhi. If IVF fails to give results, your doctor will suggest ICSI treatment to achieve good results.

Use of frozen sperms: Infertility doctors suggest using ICSI when they find that frozen sperms don’t look active.

Use of frozen oocytes: Egg vitrification process includes freezing but it could lead to hardening of shells that could make fertilization difficult. But ICSI treatment can help in this situation. Your infertility specialist in Delhi will suggest ICSI to achieve desired results.


Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD): PGD technology is used in IVF for genetic screening of embryos. But it could allow the sperm cells from conventional fertilization techniques could be around the embryo. And it could lead to inaccurate PGD results. But ICSI could be a solution to the problem.


In vitro maturation (IVM): It is a technology of retrieving eggs from the ovaries before complete maturation. The eggs complete the maturation stage in the lab. And researches suggest that the rate of fertilization of IVM eggs with conventional IVF is quite lower. But there is little to worry as your infertility doctor in Delhi will suggest ICSI that can give excellent results.




If you are waiting for motherhood and it has been a long time then you should visit an infertility specialist that will examine both of you and arrive at a conclusion. IVF could be your first treatment but it won’t be an end, if it fails. Your doctor will use ICSI to complete the treatment as it always gives better results.