A big problem with IVF is that it is always the last try. If you are having problems with natural pregnancy then you should first visit IVF specialist doctor in Delhi. The younger you are, the more chances you have to conceive through IVF.

Does age play a role in determining success of IVF?

Yes, age plays a crucial role in ovarian cycle of a woman. And IVF can’t fix the age of eggs, hence it is better to be early for treatment. Women are most fertile in their 20s but most women go for fertility treatment when they are in 30s. In your situation, it isn’t advisable to wait. It is better to start treatment as soon as you notice delay in pregnancy.

An IVF specialist in Delhi can investigate the cause of infertility and provide treatment. A good thing about IVF is that it has a higher success rate. You have bright chances of achieving pregnancy at first attempt.

Common causes of infertility

Low ovarian reserve: It is a common cause of infertility among women especially those with advance age. But there is little to worry about low reserve as IVF has the answer to this problem and the treatment focuses on quality of eggs instead of quantity.

Blocked tubes: If it isn’t low ovarian reserve then it could be blocked tubes that are preventing you from achieving pregnancy. Your fallopian tubes could be damaged but it isn’t a problem for an IVF expert in Delhi that can easily pave the way for your pregnancy.

Premature ovarian failure: If it is the problem you are suffering from then it is only IVF that can help. In this situation, you shouldn’t take chances or delay the matter as it will only lead to further delay in pregnancy and frustration due to failure in achieving pregnancy.

The best IVF specialist in Delhi can diagnose your problem and provide the right treatment. It could be due to polycystic ovary syndrome that creates hormone imbalance leading to the irregular menstrual cycle. Or it could be endometriosis that is womb growing outside of the body. Some infertility problems remain unexplained but there is little need to worry about those problems as IVF has answers to all infertility problems. You only need to visit an IVF specialist for treatment and start the treatment as early as possible. And as expected, the results of the IVF treatment will be favorable.