Testicular Aspiration or TESA

The male testes perform two primary functions that include the production of sperm and testosterone. Male fertility is closely linked to these two factors, and any sort of abnormalities can affect the man’s ability to reproduce and have children. Men of reproductive age, in general, do not come across infertility problems related to testes and testosterone. However, Urologists have periodically noticed such infertility problems in men with good reproductive capacity.

The specialized experts have devised a variety of advanced techniques for effective retrieval of sperm from men with infertility problems. These procedures include PESA, MESA, TESA, TESE, and other micro-surgical processes. Unlike the females, Men do not have ovulation or menstruation issues, and hence such surgical procedures can be performed without any preparation in a spontaneous manner without worrying about time constraints.

TESA or Testicular Aspiration

Testicular sperm aspiration or TESA is a sperm sampling procedure in which a needle is stuck into the testes to aspirate fluid and tissue after applying negative pressure.

TESE or Testicular Sperm Extraction

A surgical biopsy of the testes is conducted as a part of Testicular sperm extraction or TESE. Sperm can only be found in some parts of the testes and not everywhere. In order to increase the probability of recovering sperm, multiple samplings of testicular tissue are suggested by the experts.

Post-Operative Instructions

Follow the instructions as per the operating surgeon.