ICSI infertility treatment could work for you if IVF has failed to give results. ICSI has a better success rate in couples with severe male infertility.

Before discussing ICSI infertility treatment, you should know about infertility. In medical terms, it is the inability of a couple to have a baby naturally. And there are many reasons for infertility. It could be due to low sperm count or due to an underlying factor in the female partner.

What is ICSI?

It stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, but it is more than a simple infertility treatment for infertile couple patients. It is so because this treatment gives amazing results. It is one of the many assisted reproductive technologies and infertility doctors from across the globe rely on ICSI to give results.

A brief introduction to ICSI

The ICSI infertility treatment involves injecting a single healthy sperm directly into an egg cell to enhance the possibilities of fertilization. The micro-instruments used for the injection are very refined to get the best results. Surprisingly, infertility experts use ICSI is included as an additional measure in regular IVF treatment cycles.

Should I go for ICSI?

This question would come to your mind if you are waiting for a baby for a long time but haven’t been able to conceive through the natural process. But you should check the suitability of the assisted reproductive method before making an opinion on it.

It is suitable if:

  • Regular IVF treatment cycles have failed to give results
  • Severe male infertility like poor sperm count, motility, and sperm morphology is the reason
  • Unexplained infertility due to poor sperm function
  • A limited number of eggs retrieved in women above 35 yrs of age

ICSI infertility treatment can help where a couple faces infertility due to sperm problems. And this technology is very effective in treating male infertility due to poor sperm quality. For example, genetic disorders, lifestyle choices, and diseases like STD could create sperm problems. But there is little to worry about as ICSI has the answer to male infertility.

The assisted reproductive IVF technology involves injecting sperm directly into an egg. To make sure that the egg gets the injection, infertility experts use advanced microscopes to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

If you are suffering from infertility and have gone through multiple cycles of failed IVF, you should go for ICSI infertility treatment. It is a ray of hope for you and many infertile couples like you. Let an infertility expert examine your case and make an opinion on the suitability of ICSI technology for you before you make an opinion on the treatment.