Infertility treatment in Delhi starts with counseling where infertile couples are educated about the options available. Here they get an opportunity to speak up to their mind and get encouraged to go for the right treatment.

Options available for infertile couples

1. Artificial Insemination (IUI)

It is a clinically supervised and controlled procedure involving the artificial insertion of sperm into the female’s uterus. And the process is safe, simple, minimally invasive with higher chances of success, and much more affordable than other options. Also, it is quicker with no hospital stay or post-treatment rest required.

2. IVF – In Vitro Fertilization

An infertility specialist in Delhi suggests IVF for a variety of problems including advanced age, sexual disorders, and unexplained infertility. In short, infertile couples can go for IVF without worrying about their fertility problems because it is more a procedure than a treatment. It involves fertilizing egg cells with sperm cells in a clinic and then placing those cells in the uterus.Its chances of success are higher than the IUI.

3. ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

IVF is the most reliable treatment option for infertile couples but it also has some conditions. Couples considered unsuitable for IVF could go for ICSI which involves injecting a single healthy sperm cell into the egg to boost chances of fertilization. The tools used for the treatment are very refined and micro in size. Sometimes ICSI is also used with IVF cycles to increase probabilities.

4. IMSI – Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection

It is considered when infertility is caused by the abnormal shape of the sperm cells. The cells fail to satisfy the fertility test resulting in infertile attempts. And the problems are further compounded by psychological issues like stress and anxiety. The infertility treatment in Delhi includes selecting healthy sperm for injecting into the egg cell.

5. Assisted Hatching

This technique helps when others fail like after 2 attempts of IVF. It also helps in situations like patients over 40 years of age or with very thick outer cells. First, your doctor will examine your health and then suggest the right treatment so you achieve fertility without waiting for a long time. Also, the doctor will consider all pros and cons of treatment before giving any suggestion.

Final Thoughts An infertility specialist in Delhi will suggest the right treatment with the highest chances of giving results. And there are multiple fertility treatment options available for infertile couples.