Why are young couples choosing IVF?

With more and more couples showing up for infertility treatment in Delhi, it is proved that couples are relying on IVF. Today, there is little need to wait to conceive naturally as couples have the option of IVF that assures quick success and a healthy baby.

There are many things in which IVF can help….

Low ovarian reserve: Aging reduces ovarian reserve required for conceiving a baby. But older couples are unable to conceive naturally because of low ovarian reserve. But they can also become parents with the help of IVF.

Premature ovarian failure: Some women experience menopause well before the real age. But sometimes it is due to other reasons. And it is a problem in a natural pregnancy. But an infertility specialist in Delhi can help women with this problem in becoming parents.

Blocked tubes: Women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes have little hope to achieve pregnancy through the natural way but there is hope with IVF and with their own eggs.

Endometriosis: It is a medical condition involving the outward growth of the womb. It is a serious condition restricting the chances of natural pregnancy to very little. Endometriosis patients should meet an IVF specialist doctor in Delhi for treatment.

POCS: Polycystic ovary syndrome is a medical condition related to hormonal imbalance resulting in irregular menstrual cycles. It is also an obstruction in natural pregnancies but IVF has the treatment for this problem.

Male infertility: Many cases of infertile couples are linked to infertility in male partners. But there is little to worry as an IVF specialist in Delhi can solve this problem with medicines. Or the parents can go for IVF that is a certain way of achieving pregnancy.

Unexplained infertility: Some infertility problems remain unexplained forever due to strange reasons. Or you can say that couples and doctors show little interest in diagnosing problems after a certain time. Such couples can look forward to IVF to become parents.

Healthier embryos: The best IVF expert in Delhi will suggest going for pre-implantation genetic screening (PSG) for healthier embryos. It involves sequencing the DNA to notice the presence of abnormal chromosomes. In this way, you can ensure that your baby remains safe from gene defects.

If you are waiting to achieve natural pregnancy or doubt that your baby could have an abnormal chromosome then you should go for IVF. It is safe, reliable, and affordable. But delivering a healthy baby is a priceless gift.