Infertility Counselling

Infertility Treatment in Delhi

A child is the most beautiful gift one can have, and every couple naturally aspires to have a baby. The ability to reproduce is one of the most fundamental instincts in an individual. This desire is very strong because of genetic, biological, social, cultural, economic, and religious factors. In addition, there is a strong belief and dependence on family structure in many societies around the world. Taking all these factors into consideration, it is not surprising that many couples experience stress, anxiety, and other psychological problems if they cannot get pregnant soon enough. Infertility is a serious condition which has to be addressed promptly in order to overcome serious trauma, hopelessness, or despair. Dr. Ila Gupta is specialist for Infertility Counselling in Gurgaon.

Modern Techniques Of Reproduction

Due to the advances in medical technology, there are many biological and medical solutions to the problem of infertility. The infertile couple can be provided guidance and assistance in reproduction with the help of –

  • In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF
  • Microinjection or ICSI

However, treating infertility simply as a medical problem can be counter-productive. The couple in question also require timely assistance of a psychological nature through professional counselling, support, and advice.

Emotional Blocks

People who cannot bear children experience an emotional fall out due to infertility. They go through the following experiences which can have a negative impact on their overall life style, physical and mental health:

  • Confusion due to an inability to understand the childlessness situation.
  • Infertility becomes a powerful force and the couple experience lot of stress.
  • Inability to express one’s feelings in a confident manner.
  • Depression and anxiety leading to psychosomatic problems.

Infertility Counselling Assessment

 The infertile couple can take professional psychological and psychiatric assistance. However, they can also handle a few issues by showing resolve and willpower. For Example, a self-assessment can be performed by answering the following questions:

  • Whom do I tell my infertility related problems?
  • How can I share my fears and emotional issues with this person?
  • How much information on my infertility stress should I convey?
  • Should I discuss with my partner or spouse?
  • What are the difficulties I am facing during communication?
  • Should I visit fertility clinic or opt for psychological consultation?
  • How much assistance can I expect from the counsellor?
  • Would I be able to balance my personal and professional work during counselling?

Asking the above mentioned questions and finding honest answers can go a long way in making a wise and effective decision.

Infertility Counselling

Infertility counselling is a vast field and there are many professionals who get involved in the whole process. The counselling for solving infertility related issues can be handled either by general practitioners or specialist fertility clinics. The counselling itself can focus on psychological needs or medical and biological solutions. The following people play a very significant role in infertility counselling –

  • Nurses
  • Doctors : Urologist, Obstetrician-Gynaecologist, Andrologist, Internist,etc.,
  • Embryologists
  • Pathologists
  • Lab Technicians
  • Biologists
  • Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists

 Infertility Counselling focuses more on consultation, guidance, and advice to deal with subjective issues such as unfulfilled desires, psychological stress, sexual tension, communication anxiety, emotional blockages, and personal suffering.